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Travel Planner & Tour Director/Guide, 10 years local

Whether you're a local, first time visitor, or veteran New Yorker, I will endeavor to make your trip a memorable and enjoyable experience! This is my home and I'd love to share it with you! I am an experienced, professional New York City-based, licensed tour guide who has provided hundreds of tours throughout NYC. An avid urban explorer, I appreciate the storied architecture, varied neighborhoods, historic brownstones and mixture of styles, in addition to the iconic, world famous landmarks comprising the NYC skyline. New York, of course, is nothing without its people and what an incredible diversity of people there is in NYC with delicious food - the sampling of which is a passion mine. I'm a natural communicator as well as a former classroom teacher and educator. I has a background in marketing and real estate and would love to be a part of your next tour of the greatest city in the world - New York City!

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Memberships: Guides Association of New York City (GANYC) National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations - USA (NFTGA-USA) World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations - (WFTGA) International Association of Tour Directors and Guides - (IATDG)

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After placing your order, DigieTravel will ask you a few questions about your travel party and their interests, along with some of your trip details and preferences. Your planner will then accept your request within 2 business days and will communicate with you through DigieTravel's in-app messaging to learn more about your specific needs.

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We'll refund your plan fee if the completed plan doesn't match your stated interests.

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After receiving your completed travel plan, you decide whether to book the travel yourself or continue working with your planner to finalize all your reservations. Booking services may not be offerered by all planners; when booking services are available, you work directly with your planner to make additional booking payments, which are seperate from the planning fee paid through DigieTravel.

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