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Experience the natural beauty of Tasmania

Travel planner and blogger, 32 years local

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm a travel enthusiast and passionate solo traveller, experiencing 16 countries and counting! I was born and raised on the South East Coast of Australia and have travelled to many places within Australia. I look forward to providing you with a comprehensive and varied travel plan to suit your interests, budget and travel style, and allow you to experience everything on offer in beautiful Hobart and the surrounding wilderness areas of Tasmania, Australia.

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My number one passion in life is travel, particularly solo travel. In 2011, I took my first solo overseas trip to Italy and ever since I’ve felt a yearning to see the world. Travelling is such a rewarding experience. When you travel you realize how strong and capable you are, how independent you can be, and, for me, these feelings are addictive. I love proving to myself (and to others) how self-reliant I am, how I can support myself in unknown situations, and show a strength I never knew I had. Travelling alone allows you to recognize things about yourself that you may never have had the chance to see when standing well and truly inside your comfort zone. It is for these reasons that I feel so strongly about taking steps outside what is comfortable, away from what you know, to really understand yourself and the world in which we live.

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What's included in your travel plan

Your travel planner will curate a travel plan fully customized to your personal interests and preferences.

For each travel day, you'll get at least:

1 lodging recommendation
2 activity recommendations
2 attraction recommendations
3 dining recommendations

To make your trip perfect, you can request that your planner provide alternative recommendations for any that don’t match your interests. You'll have 24/7 access to your online travel plan through your DigieTravel account.

What to expect

After placing your order, DigieTravel will ask you a few questions about your travel party and their interests, along with some of your trip details and preferences. Your planner will then accept your request within 2 business days and will communicate with you through DigieTravel's in-app messaging to learn more about your specific needs.

Within 5 business days of accepting your order, your planner will deliver a complete personal travel plan for you to review. If any recommendations don't match your interests, you can request an alternative.

Refund policy

We'll refund your plan fee if the completed plan doesn't match your stated interests.

Booking your travel

After receiving your completed travel plan, you decide whether to book the travel yourself or continue working with your planner to finalize all your reservations. Booking services may not be offerered by all planners; when booking services are available, you work directly with your planner to make additional booking payments, which are seperate from the planning fee paid through DigieTravel.

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